"By the way" are a few bits and pieces that probably shouldn't have made it onto the website, but for whatever reason they keep crawling back in, so here they are.


Image for Ministeriet for Kreative Reklame Kvinder. Quote by Colleen DeCourcy.


Image for Saatchi & Saatchi to be used for a press release.


Hand cut design for Marlboro red, based on the idea of the Danish Marlboro man.

I often get emails asking how I got my internship with Sagmeister & Walsh, this is what I did. All pages are handdrawn.

An instagram video for each of the 4 sundays before Christmas. Rube Goldberg maschines lighting candles.


One handmade instagram post each day for all of December. See the rest on Intagram. All images is made on the day of the date they reprecent.